Our Glazier Kits for Boom Lifts are Helping Georgia Shine!

Glazier Kit for boom lift rental GAWe are proud that our glazier kits for boom lifts have helped professionals install glass all over the state, helping Georgia shine!

What is a Glazier Kit?

A glazier kit is a special tray that attaches to an aerial platform so that glass or panels are more accessible and can be easily lifted for installation. These are popular with glass installers, or glaziers, because they reduce operator fatigue and lessen the likelihood of materials getting damaged.

How Do Glazier Kits Work?

Glazier kits attach to aerial platforms and feature a tray on the outside of the buckets. These are ideal for transporting glass panes or panels. We install these for our clients on whatever lift they need to get the job done.

Glazier Kit Rentals with More Flexibility and Lower Costs

Less equipment to rent means lower costs for our customers. That’s why we prefer Genie’s glazier kits over other options because they can be added to virtually any bucket in our fleet, whereas competitor kits require a specific bucket for compatibility.

Finding the Right Lift for the Job

Depending on your project, you might need more or less capacity and height, so it’s useful to have that fleet flexibility to get the job done right. Understanding your project needs is always an important component of our rental process. Typically, we recommend boom lifts which are highly adept at getting up and over likely obstacles like shrubs and curbs. Need to rent a boom lift with a glazier kit for your next project? We’d be honored to help get your work off the ground. Give us a call at 1-800-951-2555 or contact us today!

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