Adapting to Customer Needs: How Our On-Site Aerial Platform Repair Service was Born

At Premier Platforms, we’re constantly looking for ways to create more value for our customers. It’s an unshakable goal for our company, and it’s how we’ve stayed in business even during the tough times.

Like so many businesses in the aftermath of the economic turmoil of 2008, we had to tighten belts, trim fat, and focus on our core competencies.

Looking Beyond Our Legacy to Help the Community

Thanks to decades of strong relationships with satisfied customers, we were confident that we’d stay afloat, but we also knew that if we were feeling the tough times, they were, too. We wanted to do something to try to help everyone in our community.

Creating Value by Listening to Our Customers

We took a close look at our customers’ pain points and our own strengths to identify ways to provide more value, help our clients save money, and build our business in the process.

We spoke with numerous customers and pored over our data, eventually coming down to a clear opportunity: on-site repairs.

Aerial Platform Repair Services Customers Trust

As professional aerial platform refurbishers with a rental fleet of our own, we had know-how in spades and loyal employees excited about the opportunity to grow.

Many companies were purchasing their own aerial platforms and cutting back on rentals, so they needed platform and forklift repair services they could trust.

Our team decided to take a risk. We rented space from one of our clients to establish an aerial platform repair services HQ — a sort of forward operating base — and opened up for business.

Continued Growth Year After Year

We are proud to report that since we launched our on-site repair service, we’ve grown every year. We have our excellent staff and loyal customers to thank for that.

Today, we’re underway with plans to set up a second service center HQ in North Georgia, which we’ll use to better serve our customers in that part of the state.

Defining Lessons

The success of our on-site repair services reminded us of a critical lesson that we’ve made an integral part of our culture: the closer we are to our customers, the better.

When we’re in your neighborhood we’re more responsive, faster, and more in-tune with your needs. What will we learn and deliver next? That’s a question we’ll never stop asking.


To inquire about aerial platform repairs, or to discuss any other need that your business may have, we welcome your call at 1-800-951-2555!

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