David Cooper Vs. the Wall Street Goliaths

When David Cooper got into the aerial platform business back in 1980, he didn’t dream of becoming a big-box Wall Street guy, far removed from customers. But he did dream.

A Global Vision with Roots in Snellville

david-cooperFrom humble beginnings in the backyard of his home in Snellville, GA, David envisioned the kind of company that could grow through a determination to maintain his close relationships with customers without ever compromising on quality or service.

After nearly 30 years, it’s clear that David was on to something. Premier Platforms has grown and innovated its way to becoming a major player in aerial platforms in the Southeast and beyond. Big-box competitors—despite their immense resources—find it difficult to compete with the professionalism and knowledge of Premier’s team members. Everyone on the Premier staff receives continuous training and is rewarded for their excellence in service.

How Does David take on the Wall Street Goliaths?

David credits the success of Premier Platforms with their emphasis on personalized service: “All salespeople—everyone—everyone knows that I have an open door policy. I will speak with anyone 1-on-1, customer or team member.”

It’s just that sort of ear on the needs of the customers that keeps Premier strong against the Wall Street-backed competition.

In adherence with his open door policy, David continues, “We don’t treat customers like numbers. We are a family business, and can be more flexible to meet a customer’s needs. We can adapt when our big competitors have policies and procedures in place that they can’t vacillate from. We, on the other hand, can offer customers services even if what’s on paper would get them rejected elsewhere. We look at the whole picture.”

It’s no small wonder why David’s customers remain loyal to Premier Platforms for years on end.

“Our big-box competitors have a huge advantage using stockholder dollars. We’ve got our reputation for product and service excellence. That’s how we take on Goliath.”

— David Cooper, CEO of Premier Platforms

To contact David directly, please use this form or ask for him at 770-922-7677.

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